Project Description


Occasionally, the printer’s copies of the photos featured in the Monthly turn up for sale. Some of these original 10 x 8 inch photos were offered for sale in the final issue of the magazine. These are often stamped with the photographer’s details on the reverse, together with the editor’s or printer’s marks indicating the page number and where the photo is to be cropped to fit the page.
The images above show, firstly, Leslie Bryce’s original 10 x 8 inch print of Ringo (taken at his home, 31st May 1966) selected by Johnny Dean for the Monthly. Secondly, the reverse with Leslie Bryce’s stamp and Johnny’s / printer’s notes; and finally how it appeared on the back cover of Monthly No 36.

Another original photo of Ringo from Leslie Bryce’s studio, with editor’s annotations on both front and back, which appeared in the December 1965 issue of Beatles Monthly

Another original photo from Leslie Bryce’s studio, this time of John, which featured on page 30, Issue 28 of the issue of Beatles Monthly.