Project Description


Front: Version 1

Front: Version 2, uncommon

Suddenly, possibly realising that the Beatles would no longer be recording together, Sean O’Mahoney makes this the final issue. In his final editorial, as “Johnny Dean”, he expresses the pleasure and satisfaction that the magazine has given him over the six and a half years of its publication, his sadness that it must now close and hints at the problems the magazine has caused him too. Then as himself, in his piece “The End Of An Era”, he writes in more detail about his motivation to start the magazine and why he thinks it has now run its course. He also makes a bold statement about the dangers of drugs and the Beatles’ involvement, opinions he had previously held back. Billy Shepherd writes “They Had To Change”, contrasting nostalgia for the early days with the Beatles developing as individuals and moving in different directions.

The cover photos are from their final photo shoot in August; on the back, the Beatles wave “goodbye”.

Centre: John and Paul by Bob Gibson (George and Ringo are featured elsewhere inside)

There are two variations of the front cover to be found; “MONTHLY” may be printed in bold letters like the previous few issues, but a few have it with a thinner font (picture 4). These are much less common. Far fewer of the later books were printed as sales had declined since 1964. I think there were probably fewer copies of this issue printed than Issue #1, so if you have trouble finding one that is why!


In December, for the Beatles themselves, life and work continue. They are still working on recordings, individually and together. George and John are both playing live and there are TV appearances and interviews this month. The Magic Christian premieres in London and Live Peace In Toronto is released. John and Yoko’s War Is Over poster campaign is launched.



Like many other later books, the cropping of the photos on the cover are the giveaway here. Note particularly John’s hair and his pendant, which shouldn’t be chopped-off as on the reprint here.