Project Description


The magazine has now lost the full colour cover and centre photos. This may have been intended as a temporary change according to a note from the Fan Club (see above), but the colour covers never returned.
This issue has the first of three covers to feature a “then and now” caricature of a Beatle by in-house artist Bob Gibson, this one featuring two portraits of Ringo. George never got his caricature on the front cover; his had already featured inside Issue 68. Inside, the magazine features Two Portraits of Ringo. A feature “When did you switch on?” by Frederick James, looks back to the early days in Liverpool.

Centre: Paul and Linda on their wedding day.


In April the new Get Back single is released and is the last Beatles single to be released in mono. The Ballad of John And Yoko is recorded this month, only John and Paul are present on the recording as the others cannot attend that day.



Comparing the two prints, you can see how the edges of the cover photos have been cropped at the bottom. Inside, the colour of the ink should be a warm red, not purple/pink.

Original (bottom) & Reprint