Project Description


Bob Gibson’s “Two Portraits of George”

In “Mal’s Diary”, he answers questions such as: When will the new LP be released? And, What is the truth behind the cancellation of the live TV concert? In a new feature, Two Portraits of George is the first of four planned features by Frederick James and Billy Shepherd. Inside, it features a “then and now” portrait of George by Bob Gibson; the other Beatles will have similar portraits on the front covers of the next three issues.

Centre: JPGR & Yoko in the studio, the last of the colour centre-spreads

This is the final issue to feature a full colour cover and centre spread. I don’t know why this was so, perhaps there was an issue with cost versus the declining readership?


Ringo starts filming The Magic Christian at Twickenham studios. Paul and Linda marry, with no other Beatle present. The same day, George’s home is raided by the drug squad, and they are fined for possession of cannabis. John and Yoko marry in Gibraltar and they have their first “bed-in for peace” on honeymoon in Amsterdam.



Because of the usual cropping of the cover photos, on the reprint, George is missing a finger.