Project Description


The cover announces a competition for tickets to a live performance. Inside there is much excitement about this and there are 100 tickets up for grabs. The concert never went ahead, so I wonder what prize the winners eventually received? Also inside, Frederick James wonders what more we might expect from the Beatles in 1969.

Trivia: This is the only issue not to have “MONTHLY” on the cover.

Centre: the Beatles in full colour


In December John appears on the Rolling Stones’ Rock And Roll Circus, onstage with Keith Richards and Eric Clapton. Disappointed with their own performance, the Stones decide not to release the film until many years later. There is a big Christmas party at Apple HQ.

Original: Printer’s details at the bottom


In an original book, the Printer’s details are printed at the bottom of page 30, but are missing from the reprints. Like all of the later books, the cover photos are cropped at the edges. For example, here you should be able to see the button on George’s cuff at the bottom of the front. If you can’t, you have a reprint.

Reprint: No Printer’s details