Project Description


Paul, by Bob Gibson

Front Cover: Printing Error

A new year and a revised front cover banner. Inside, Mal and Neil give the lowdown on recording both the recent Fan Club  Christmas Time Is Here Again record, Hello, Goodbye and the Magical Mystery Tour EP. “Ringo in Rome” is Mal’s report on the filming of Candy. In “Behind the Spotlight” Billy Shepherd and Johnny Dean take us back to January ‘66, when George and Patti were just married, Day Tripper was top of the charts (and causing controversy over its meaning), and Peter Sellers had released his version of A Hard Day’s Night. There is a feature on the opening of the Apple Boutique.

Centre: Paul, as drawn by Bob Gibson


In January, George flies to India to record his soundtrack for the film Wonderwall. Towards the end of the month the Beatles are in Twickenham filming their appearance in Yellow Submarine.



There are the usual cropped cover photos which might help you identify a reprint. Otherwise, on page 8, the heading is boxed with a red pattern. In original books this will touch beginning and end of “by Mal & Neil”, not leave a gap, as it does on a reprint.