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Price in Black

Price in Red

Christmas issue. The second book to have a full colour cover and the first with full colour centre photo, John Kelly’s photos fill the magazine again. This issue celebrates the new Magical Mystery Tour EP and film. Mal and Neil give the complete story of the made-for-television film and recording the soundtrack. Frederick James explains the story (partly). “Behind the Spotlight” whisks us back to December 65; touring and looking forward to a Christmas with no concert schedule!

Centre: full colour photo, the Beatles dressed up for the Magical Mystery Tour

Original prints can be found with the front cover price printed in both black and red ink (picture 2).


In December there is a launch party for the Apple Boutique in Baker Street, London, which opens this month. John and George attend but Ringo is in Italy filming Candy, and Paul is at home in Scotland. The Magical Mystery Tour EP is released and two weeks later the film is broadcast by the BBC. The film receives a poor reception from TV critics and Paul appears on the Frost programme to explain its concept.


The simple difference with the reprint is the price. Issue 53 had the 2/- price at the top below the issue number. On the reprint it was forgotten. One of two reprints with something missed off the cover.