Project Description


Less common: “Orange Top”

The first Christmas issue and the magazine increases from 28 to 32 pages. Part five of “A Tale of Four Beatles”, a feature on Anne Collingham and Bettina Rose, the Fan Club secretaries and a short feature “The Early Days”, by Raymond McGhee

Centre photo: George

Most copies have a red top and bottom on the covers, but a few were printed with orange instead of red so a completist will no doubt seek out both versions.


In December, the Beatles are busy touring the U.K. Their schedule includes a Northern Area Fan Club get-together, comprising a special Juke Box Jury recording plus a live performance. Later in the month, they attend the Southern Area event at the Wimbledon Palais, which includes a meet and greet, plus exclusive Club-only performance. From 24th the Beatles Christmas Show begins at the Finsbury Astoria, London.


Can be an easy one to spot, initial reprints used a strange italic for the “5” on the front. But on later reprints the “5” looks more like the original, so it’s down to counting the gaps between the balusters below the handrail…

All reprints have the red banner, so an orange top will always be original.


Reprint #1, italic 5

Reprint #2, normal 5