Project Description


This month Frederick James puts the question every fan wants the answer to: “Why haven’t the Beatles fixed another concert tour?”. Mal and Neil explain the recording process and “Behind the Spotlight” takes us back to April 65. Johnny Dean says that the Beatles have requested that from now on all photos must be current, not from their past!

There is more to Johnny’s comment than first appears. The Beatles had been difficult to pin down early in 1967, so fresh photos were hard to obtain. What Johnny does not say is that, in order to supply the readers with “recent” photos, he had employed an artist to embellish a number of recently published photos with moustaches.
So, now you know, how many can you spot?

Centre: Paul playing piano


Sgt Pepper is almost complete, barring a few tweaks and re-mixes. By the end of the month they are recording material for the Magical Mystery Tour. They form “Beatles & Co”, a company to control their various business interests, essentially reducing tax on their earnings.


No easy differences to spot. Some reprints are cut so close the right edge that text is cut off, for example, the price on this issue.