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This month there’s a piece on George in India and an interview with Paul. “Beatles Talk” features excerpts from press conferences on various subjects and “Behind the Spotlight” looks back at November 64. Neil’s column details his experiences on the set of How I Won The War with John.

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In November George Martin and Geoff Emerick are in the studio this month, preparing stereo mixes of early hits, in preparation for the forthcoming Collection of Beatles Oldies LP. John meets Yoko for the first time at her exhibition at the Indica gallery, London. Strawberry Fields Forever is recorded.


The colours on several reprints are a bad match for the originals and this is a good example of that, it should be light purple. Looking on the back, there is also a difference in the alignment of the Issue No and Date details. Otherwise, check the paper quality, loose staples and the smell of new ink.

Original (top) and Reprint