Project Description


Front, Version 1

Front, Version 2

Continuing “A Tale of Four Beatles” by Billy Shepherd, and a fan’s story of how the Beatles have taken over her life in “I Am A Beatle Person”.

Centre photo: Paul

The pages are numbered for the first time with this issue. The photos above show two very slight variations of the front cover that can be found, showing either thick or thin cushions beneath Paul and Ringo.


In November the Beatles’ No 1 EP and I Want To Hold Your Hand single are released and their second LP With The Beatles hits the shelves on 22nd. Meanwhile the band continue their relentless tour of the U.K.


On the front of initial reprints, the number “4” is in a wider font, on later copies it is narrow like the original book. Both reprints have the thick cushions (see above). To be certain you’re looking at an original, turn to the photo of Paul & John on page 26. Paul looks directly at the camera in original books, whereas in the reprints he looks slightly to his right. The only instance, I think, where the wrong photo was selected when the series was reprinted.

Original (top) and Two Reprints, Two Different 4s

Original: Paul Looks At The Camera

Reprints: Paul Looks To His Right