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This month sees the start of a column by Neil Aspinall, imaginatively titled “Neil’s Column”, where he tells how they work when not performing. Freda Kelly concludes her story of the Northern Fan Club and “Beatles Talk” includes conversation between Paul and John. “Behind the Spotlight” continues.

In this issue, Johnny announces the publication of a “Special Repeat” issue, featuring all the best photos from Issues 1 to 6. The book (pictured above) has a green cover banner and the same colour is used on the editorial page of Issue 33, the only two occasions this green was used in the Monthly (see the EXTRAS section for more on the Special Repeat issue).

Centre: Paul


In April the recording sessions for Revolver begin this month, taking most of their scheduled time.



Firstly, one tiny difference. When the book was first published in 1965 a tiny thread sticking up on Ringo’s collar was edited-out. Not so when reprinted. Secondly, along the bottom, the reprint retains the white dot, which ceased with issue 32. Thirdly, the price is wrong on the reprint!

Reprint: Thread, white dot & price!