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Original Insert in Issue 32

“Beatles Talk” this month features Ringo and John and Freda Kelly’s Northern Fan Club piece continues. “Behind the Spotlight” looks back after the first American Tour of 1964.

Centre: George

This issue contained an insert promoting a medallion for purchase from Modern Metals. The medallion has no direct connection to Beatles Monthly or the Fan Club, and was also advertised for sale elsewhere, but the insert is a vital element to a complete collection of the Books. For further information, see the “Extras” section.


…despite having received 10 Grammy nominations the previous month, none are awarded to the Beatles at the ceremony in New York. The London Evening Standard publish an interview in which John makes the now infamous statement that “We’re more popular than Jesus”. It went largely unnoticed. The infamous “butcher” photo session with Robert Whitaker took place this month.


Another issue where reprints are not easy to spot. This is quite a good example of how the ink colours on reprints were often wrong, but you need to have both books to hand to make that comparison. Secondly, like many reprints, the text is very close to the edge of the book, so be suspicious if this is the case on any book. Other than that, check paper quality, loose staples and new ink smell.

Original (top) and Reprint