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Page 2: Version 1

Page 2: Version 2

Leslie Bryce’s cover photo shows the boys playing ping-pong in Margate, early July 1963, where they performed for six consecutive nights at the Winter Gardens. This was Leslie’s first assignment for the Monthly.
As well as the usual features, Issue Two contains part one of “A Tale Of Four Beatles”, by Billy Shepherd (real name Peter Jones, who would be a major contributor to the magazine and wrote The True Story of The Beatles paperback), detailing their early days before the Beatles, and a feature on the songwriting partnership of John and Paul.

Centre photo: John

[I have found one small internal variation. Page 2, Editorial: There is usually a blank line before “See you in No 3”. A few have none, which I would guess was an error, later corrected. Both are 1963 prints]


During September the Beatles continue their U.K. tour and The Beatles’ Hits EP is released. They receive the Best Vocal Group Award from the Variety Club.


To verify an original, look at the position of the “2” relative to the date below it. A slightly more subtle difference is with the ping-pong ball at the top of the photo. More of the ball is obscured on the reprint.