Project Description

Beatles Book Pix (Leslie Bryce and others)

From late 63, copies of many of the photos which had appeared in the Monthly were offered for sale to readers and were produced as quality 8 x 10 inch prints (shown above). Usually blank on reverse, some may have photographer’s stamp.

The photo of George (ref G1) appeared on the back of Book 4 and the group photo (B104) was on the front of Book 6. I don’t know how many were available in total, but a different selection was offered most months.

Leslie Bryce, A.I.B.P., A.R.P.S was the house photographer throughout the life of the magazine and had access to the Beatles at work, in the studio, on tour in the U.K. and overseas and occasionally even in their homes. The best of his work can be found in the earlier issues. Other professional photographers also supplied their work. Later issues increasingly featured other photographers, not all of them professional (Mal Evans, Tony Bramwell, etc) and it is noticeable that the quality of the photographs in the magazine from late 1967 onwards is diminished as a result.

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